Operational Excellence

School districts, government agencies and businesses that pursue operational excellence are continuously managing their costs and working to improve their processes to make them simpler, faster and better. As a result, they learn to do more with less while providing a quality, positive experience for their customers. 

At Muskingum Valley Educational Service Center (MVESC), we are proud to help these entities achieve operational excellence through three types of services:

  • Trainings or Professional Development
  • Project Facilitation
  • Operational Excellence Networking

Trainings/Professional Development

MVESC offers three unique ways to do more with less in your organization: 

Check out our infographic for complete details.


Satisified Customers

"Our school district experienced delays with our enrollment, as much as a week or longer during peak periods. We eliminated delays in the process through a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course project."
~ Northern Local School District

“Over 11% of the backflow prevention devices we track were past due for their annual testing. We reduced the number of past due devices requiring shut off requests by 33% in just three months through a Green Belt course project mentored by Muskingum Valley ESC. This further protects residents from water-borne diseases.”
~ Zanesville Muskingum County Health Department

“Through a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt project, our team standardized the changeover process for a manufacturing line that reduced tons of wasted material and saved an estimated $260,000 per year.”
~ Green Belt Course Participant