Join Us and Celebrate Dude, Be Kind Week!

November 10-16, 2019

What is a Dude, Be Kind Week?

A Dude, Be Kind Week (DBK Week) is a time where we will focus on how much kindness matters in our communities. Our hope is that this week will spur conversations and activities that will promote kindness, gratitude for those acts of kindness, and inclusiveness, so no one will get left out of the fun.

How Do I Get Started?

  1. Create a team of people who will support your efforts to bring DBK to your organization.
  2. Ask your team to think about WHY being kind is important to the community.
  3. Brainstorm ways you can spread kindness in your district, building or organization.
  4. Plan a theme for each day of your DBK Week OR make it into a year-long effort!
  5. Get your organization excited about the positive vibes coming their way.
  6. Have a blast creating a great experience that will be discussed for weeks and years to come!
  7. Use #DBK2019 if you post your fun events and ideas on social media!

Can You Give Me Ideas?

Businesses and agencies - If you have outdoor signs, place a message on your sign to promote kindness and the special week to the community. You also can come up with ways to be kind to your customers, your suppliers and the people you serve.
Churches - Encourage your congregations  to do kind things during this week.
Schools - Think of ways your students and staff members can do kind things around themes for each day of the week. Recognize those unsung heroes in your district who take care of staff and kids every day.
Families - Brainstorm themes with your children about ways all of you can spread kindness each day of this special week. 
Let your creativity soar. Together we can make our communities a kinder place to live and work!


If you would like to participate in a DBK Week, but aren't sure how to get started, contact:

Kim Tatman, MVESC communications coordinator
740-452-4518, x 1136 or


November 10-16, 2019