Local Professional Development Committee (LPDC)

Welcome to the Muskingum Valley LPDC page. This page will serve as your resource for Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP) information, local LPDC requirements and necessary IPDP forms for MVESC educators.

All licensed MVESC employees must have an approved IPDP on file with the local committee and must complete all requirements for license renewal. If you have any questions, please contact one of the following:

LPDC Members

Christine Wagner, Administrative Representative, Co-Chair
Cathy Morgan, Administrative Representative, Co-Chair
Susan Siemer, Administrative Representative
Karla Frye, School Psychologist Representative
Gretchen Combs, Teacher Representative
Debbie Shoemaker, Teacher Representative
Trisha Holmes, Teacher Representative
Martha Chesler, Teacher Representative

LPDC Requirements

Each new employee will receive IPDP information at new employee orientation. Please note - effective Jan. 1, 2014, all license (new and renewals) will be submitted online to the Ohio Department of Education. No paper copies will be processed at any of the MVESC regional offices.

New Employees

Employees who are new to MVESC and already have an IPDP on file in another district should get a copy and submit it to the MVESC-LPDC. It will remain in effect as approved by the previous district.

Initial IPDP (Form 2a)

Employees who are in their first year of a new license must submit an initial IPDP using form LPDC 2a by Oct. 1. The IPDP must be discussed with and approved by the employee's supervisor and signed before submitting it to the committee. Only complete the first year of the five-year plan on the form. When the plan is approved, the educator will receive a confirmation letter. If the plan is rejected, the employee must resubmit the plan with changes recommended by the LPDC members.

Annual Review (Form 2c)

Each employee's IPDP is reviewed annually by the educator and his/her supervisor. New goals for the following year are set to align with the approved five-year plan. The goals are to be approved by the supervisor. Goals will not be approved by the LPDC. The annual review requires form LPDC 2c and is approved and initialed by the supervisor by Oct. 1 of each year of the five-year cycle. The committee will not approve yearly goals but will review the entire plan at the time of license renewal. The plan and Form 2c must be completed for licensure approval and submitted to the LPDC when renewing.

License Renewal

Educators must submit their five-year plan in a timely manner to the LPDC with other required paperwork for license renewal. Please refer to the Certification Renewal Checklist for items that need to be submitted. They include the:

  • Completed IPDP and Form 2c
  • Official transcripts of any coursework completed
  • Copy of current license or certificate
  • Contact hours documentation

Note: The LPDC chair will not sign off on license application for submission to the state until all required items are submitted to and approved by the LPDC.

If you have any questions, please contact any of the LPDC committee members listed above.

IPDP Forms

The forms listed below have been approved by the Muskingum Valley Educational Service Center's LPDC for use by staff members with professional certification as they update their IPDP. The first column is a web-based version of the file so you may view it online. The right column includes downloadable Microsoft Word files.

Activity Proposal
Certificate for Professional Development
Contact Hours Tracking Form
End-of-Year (EOY) Assessment
IPDP Review Form
LPDC Verification Form for Certification Renewal and Transition to Licensure
Certification Renewal Checklist
Credit Activity Proposal Checklist
IPDP Process Checklist
Certificate of Attendance Documentation
Contact Hour Options Grid




LPDC Roadmap for Licensure Renewal