Student Referral

If you suspect your preschool child may have a delay in the area(s) of speech and language, fine or gross motor skills, vision or general developmental concerns, and you live in East Muskingum, Franklin or West Muskingum Local Schools, please contact MVESC and ask for Stacy Stoneburner at 452-4518 or Stacy will send a teacher to observe or screen your child, or obtain your permission to send for screenings your child has received within the last six months from other agencies.

The process for determining whether or not a child has a disability may include up to three meetings that you are required to participate in:

  1. Determination of Suspected Disability meeting - A team of Special Education teachers and therapists will meet with you to review screening, observation, and assessment information to determine if a disability is suspected. If a disability is suspected, the team will ask for your signature to consent for a multi-factored evaluation.

    A multi-factored evaluation will include further norm-referenced testing in the areas of suspected disability, and must be completed within 59 days of your signed consent.
  2. Evaluation Team meeting - A team of Special Education teachers and therapists will meet with you to review the evaluation results and determine if your child qualifies as a child with a disability. The educational needs of your child will be identified at this meeting, but a specific preschool program placement will not be determined at this meeting, as per the IDEA regulations.

    If your child qualifies for services, you will be asked to attend an Individualized Educational Program Planning meeting within 30 days.
  3. Individualized Educational Program Meeting (IEP) - At this meeting, you and the team will develop proposed learning goals for your child that address the educational needs that were identified through the Evaluation Team Report.

    The team will also propose a preschool placement where the special education services can be provided to your child for your consideration. The placement decision is based first on your child's needs, and whenever possible will consider the preferences and needs of the parents.