Teacher Certification/Licensure

Renewing Your Certificate or License:


Steps to complete the Ohio Department of Education ONLINE LICENSE APPLICATION (effective January 1, 2014)

  • Muskingum Valley ESC IRN:  125252, E-Signer:  David N. Branch

  • LPDC IRN:  014095, E-Signer for LPDC:  Christine Wagner

  • Go to the Ohio Department of Education’s website located at www.education.ohio.gov.

  • At the top of the page is a link to log into your SAFE account.  If you do not have a SAFE account, there are directions for signing up for an account on ODE’s home page.

  • Access the ODE.CORE tab that is found on the left-hand side of the screen.

  • Hover over the “My Educator Profile” tab.  This tab is where you will access everything you will need to complete your application.             

  • If you want to update your information, you will make changes in My Information tab.  Please save your changes.

  • Proceed to the My Applications tab, this is the screen you will use when applying for a NEW credential.

  • If you are renewing an existing license, use the My Credentials tab.

  • When your application is completed, you will have it electronically signed and make payment.  To access the e-signers, you need to go to the My Approvals screen.

    a.       Select Muskingum Valley ESC for new licenses, substitute licenses, educational aide licenses, etc.  Superintendent David Branch is the E-signer.

    b.      Select Muskingum Valley ESC-LPCD if you are renewing through LPDC. Christine Wagner is the E-signer.

  • When you have completed your application successfully, the “My Account” screen will be displayed for payment.  You must pay with a major credit card.  This completes the licensure process.    Thank you.        

  • Holders of lapsed licenses must complete nine semester hours of coursework if the license is lapsed for fewer than five years.  Holders of licenses that have lapsed for five years or more must complete 12 semester hours of coursework.

Check out the Ohio Department of Education link for more information.