What is a Parent Mentor?

A Parent Mentor is the parent of a child with a disability who is employed by a local educational service center to help school districts and families by providing training, support and information services.

The MVESC Parent Mentor program services include:

  • Guiding families through the special education process and helping them understand their rights and responsibilities;
  • Listening and providing support to families and educators on an individual basis;
  • Providing information and resources to families and school personnel on education laws, district programs and services and community resources;
  • Attending Individualized Education Program (IEP) meetings and other meetings at parent or staff request;
  • Organizing and conducting information sessions or workshops based on the needs of families and professionals;
  • Building collaborative partnerships among families, schools and communities to benefit students with disabilities.

Ohio Parent Mentor projects are funded through grants from the Ohio Department of Education.  All Parent Mentor services are provided to families free of charge.

Contact the Parent Mentors
The Parent Mentor is listed below with the schools she serves.

Rachel Barnhart

740-452-4518, ext. 1140
Crooksville Exempted Village Schools
East Muskingum Local Schools
Franklin Local Schools
Logan-Hocking Schools
Maysville Local Schools
Morgan Local Schools
New Lexington City Schools
Northern Local Schools
Tri-Valley Local Schools
West Muskingum Local Schools
Zanesville City Schools










Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Parent Mentor?

A Parent Mentor is the parent of a child with a disability who is available to help families and school districts by providing information, support and training. Parents may call the Parent Mentor if they are afraid to ask questions at the Individualized Education Program or Evaluation Team Report meeting; if their child is not doing well in school, and they don't know what to do; if they have a school problem and don't know whom to call; if they just need someone to talk with who understands.

What should I do if my child is having difficulty learning in school?

You may contact the teacher to discuss your concerns and provide information that might be helpful, ask a Parent Mentor for assistance, suggest a meeting to help determine if your child is suspected of having a disability.

What will the school do if the teacher reports that my child is having difficulty learning in school?

The school may contact you for information, attempt different teaching strategies with your child and document the results; use an Intervention Assistance Team (IAT) to generate ideas for teaching your child and record the results; and/or schedule a meeting with you to determine if your child has a disability. Parents may find more information by viewing the most frequently asked questions at www.edresourcesohio.org. "Whose Idea is This?" also has an FAQ section.



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