Preschool Special Education Services

MVESC provides special education services to children with disabilities who reside in the following school districts:

  • East Muskingum Local Schools
  • Franklin Local Schools
  • West Muskingum Local Schools

Children are identified as having a disability through a multi-factored evaluation process, in accordance with the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA). The multi-factored evaluation is available at no cost through MVESC.  See the Frequently Asked Questions section for more information about multi-factored evaluations.

If a child qualifies as a child with a disability, MVESC offers the following Special Education services:

Itinerant Services

Itinerant services are provided to children with mild to moderate disabilities whose educational needs can be met in settings where the majority of children are developing at a typical rate.  Itinerant services include special education itinerant teachers, therapists and preschool psychologists.  These services are provided at no cost to the child's family.

MVESC provides itinerant services to the following early childhood settings:

  • Head Start
  • Muskingum Valley Preschool Classrooms
  • Private Child Care Centers

Preschool Special Education Classrooms

MVESC coordinates placements for children with more intensive educational needs into preschool special education classrooms.

Preschool special education classes enroll less typically developing children than the settings found in Itinerant Services.  The classroom teacher is a special education teacher, and therapists and psychologists are available to provide services in these classrooms, as well.

Preschool Program for children with Autism

MVESC offers a program for preschool children with Autism. This program is a colalborative effort between the Preschool and School Psychology departments and offers a range of instructional options in two classrooms - Little Feats and Big Leaps.  These options include one-to-one intervention, large group instruction and learning activities with typical peers.  Classroom placement and services are individualized based on student need.  More information on each of these classrooms can be found here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I refer my child for a multi-factored evaluation? What is the process for finding out if my child has a disability?

If you live in one of the districts mentioned above and suspect your preschool student may have a delay, please contact Stacy Stoneburner at 740-452-4518 or Stacy will assign a Preschool Special Education Itinerant Teacher to begin the intake process for your child. The first step will be a home visit to gather background information and complete screenings with your child. The itinerant teacher will share the next steps of the process with you at this time.
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What are my rights as a parent if my child is suspected of or has a disability?

The Ohio Department of Education has developed a booklet for parents explaining the process of identifying and serving children with disabilities according to the requirements of the IDEA. The booklet is called "A Guide to Parent Rights in Special Education."
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