MVESC Preschool Curriculum Overview

Children enrolled in Muskingum Valley Preschool programs will engage in active learning to further their individual progress in the following areas of development:

  • Language and Literacy Development
  • Physical Well-being and Motor Development
  • Cognition and General Knowledge
  • Social and Emotional Development
  • Approaches toward Learning

The Ohio Department of Education established Early Learning and Development Standards that explain what young children should know and be able to do in the areas listed above. Our teachers use the Develop, Inspire and Grow (DIG) curriculum in all classrooms to guide the planning of appropriate and meaningful learning and experiences. The DIG curriculum is aligned with the Early Learning and Development Standards.

What is the Develop, Inspire and Grow Curriculum (DIG)?

Children learn by playing and doing. By combining developmentally appropriate instruction with opportunities to explore through play, DIG offers a balanced path to kindergarten readiness. DIG features instructional themes, daily robust math, active meaningful literacy, explicit oral language development and purposeful differentiation through eight themes taught during the school year. Those learning themes are:

  • At School
  • All About Me
  • Our Community
  • Health and Nutrition
  • The Earth, Our Home
  • Living Things
  • Science is Everywhere
  • Technology in Our World

Children will be engaged in hands-on learning experiences, using age-appropriate, curriculum-focused materials, that represent a range of learning styles and abilities. The teaching staff will plan a daily schedule to allow children to learn the routines of their day and become comfortable in their environment. 

We arrange classrooms to encourage individual, small-group and large-group activities. Learning areas, called centers or stations, are available during "choice time" for students and are stocked with materials that reflect the theme we are teaching. The teaching staff interact with children to model suggested activities and support learning in those areas, so the area itself is aligned to a desired learning outcome.

We design classrooms so children can recognize the boundaries of each area, have access to their own materials and view their work and other wall postings at their eye level. Items in the classrooms are labeled, and the teaching staff and students will refer to the labels throughout the day.

Specialized Instructional Techniques for children with Autism

The preschool program for children with Autism consists of two classrooms (Little Feats and Big Leaps) that offer a range of instructional options, from one-on-one discrete trial training to large-group learning activities with typical peers.



Frequently Asked Questions

How will my child's learning progress be reported to me?

Muskingum Vallely Preschool programs have a progress report for all children enrolled. Parents are asked to give input into the progress report regarding what their child knows and is able to do at home. If your child has a disability, you will also receive a special progress report that addresses your child's Individual Education Program Goals and Objectives. Both reports are disseminated according to the school district schedule for all students.

I would like to know more about the tools used in the curriculum.

To review the research-based curriculum tools that are used to guide the planning of appropriate and meaningful learning and experiences that are aligned with the Ohio Early Learning and Development Standards, please click the link below.
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I would like to know exactly what my child is expected to learn.

To review the Ohio Early Learning and Development Standards for preschool children, please refer to the page linked below.
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